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Thermal imaging to identify leaks in homes

Thermal imaging photography can be used to find out where the cracks and gaps in a building are located is by means It detects where the thermal insulation, windows, constructions etc. are faulty by identifying the leaks through which the heated air (in cold regions) or cool air-conditioning air (in warm regions) disappears.

On a thermal image, warm objects stand out well against cooler backgrounds making it very easy to map the following:

  • The building’s thermal bridges (a thermal bridge is a part of a building design which is uninsulated or less insulated than other parts. Thermal bridges can be uninsulated holes and cracks, lack of insulation in the insulation layer, spotlights and other installations that penetrate the insulation layer)
  • Walls without or with poor insulation
  • Draught problems
  • Leaking windows
  • Leaking roof constructions
  • In this way, thermal imaging gives an overview of the necessary actions to reduce the energy consumption in a building and is normally carried out by specialist companies.


On a thermal image, warm objects stand out well against cooler backgrounds. This makes it easy to identify un-insulated constructions and thermal bridges.

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Thermal Imaging Survey Reveals – Close Your Shutters

Thermal imaging surveys of historic buildings conducted by Edinburgh World Heritage last year, have clearly revealed how effective shutters, curtains and blinds are at preventing heat loss through windows.

A thermal imaging camera reveals where heat is leaking from a building, with hot areas showing up red and colder surfaces in blue. Throughout Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site the results were consistent, where shutters and curtains were closed they proved to be highly effective in keeping in the heat.

The images below show left: Shutters – first floor internal shutters closed, ground floor left open. Georgian New Town house. right: Shutters and blinds – window at top right has internal shutters and blinds closed. Victorian tenement.


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English Heritage calls for the retention of original sash windows – thermal performance

Recent research from English Heritage renews calls for the retention of original sash windows.

For the first time in England important scientific evidence is available to counteract some of the misconceptions about the energy efficiency of original timber sash windows, a unique feature of England’s built heritage which is under threat and fast disappearing.

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Thermal Performance Of Traditional Windows | English Heritage.