Month: June 2014

Making home energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority

Industry bodies have joined forces to urge government to commit to a target of upgrading the energy efficiency of existing homes at a rate of 1 million a year by 2020. In an open letter to Lord Deighton, commercial secretary to the Treasury, the heads of environmental groups, charities, membership organisations and trade associations warn that the UK’s homes are among the “coldest and draughtiest in Europe” resulting in high energy bills and “one of the worst records on fuel poverty and preventable winter deaths”. 

housing stock fit for future

A report “A housing stock fit for the future: Making home energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority” accompanies the open letter. It sets out the economic case for improving home energy efficiency.

Speaking on behalf of the coalition, Paul King, chief executive of the UK Green Building Council, said: “Making home energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority – and offering it significant support alongside transport, energy generation or communications projects – would not only cut households’ rocketing energy bills and help tackle climate change, but would create thousands of new jobs and strengthen the UK’s energy security”.

Benefits of home energy efficiency

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Go for LED lights to impress

I’ve pulled together a number of videos that show the impact of their use in homes, the savings and carbon reductions that they can make and how they can be used to improve the interior design of your home.


LED Strips for under the kitchen cabinet:-

Pick of the week – LED light bulbs:-

LED light bulbs explained:

Over 8.5 million pounds worth of vouchers now allocated to energy improvement scheme

Only in its second week, the UK government Green Deal Home Improvement Fund has already allocated over £8.5 million worth of vouchers to house owners and landlords for home improvement measures. The rate the vouchers are being allocated could mean the that initial £50 million available could be used up within the next 4-5 weeks!!!

Although, this first £50 million is part of a £540 million three year package announced by the government in December 2013, it is very likely that this initial £7600 overall package offering per home will be rapidly reduced if demand continues to be high. It’s becoming very much like the feed in tariff – the early adopters will benefit the most.


The new £7600 incentive offered to households is split into a number of parts; £1000 is given for installing two measures from an approved list of renovations, £100 is available towards the cost of an the initial assessment and £6000 is on offer for the expensive procedure of installing solid wall insulation. Those who’ve bought their property within 12 months of application to the scheme are also eligible for a further £500.

GDHIF cores

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Energy efficiency in old buildings new report from SPAB

The Society for the protection of Ancient Buildings has just produced a new and details report that is very relevant for home-owners of older houses particularly in conservation areas or a listed building. It contain views and information from specialists and members of the Society’s staff. The briefings aim to offer cutting-edge information to help both owners and building professionals. 

SPAB Briefing cover

This report comes at a very important time when the government through the Green Deal is offering a number of grants including up to £6000 for internal and external wall insulation under the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.

Click here to download the full report. (Don’t get confused with the advertisements that are scattered around this document particularly on Page two. The report starts properly on Page 3.)

Energy Retrofit – 3 bed Victorian terrace, Bath

One of the Superhomes 


House Summary


Ozzie Ffield

House Type:

Late Victorian solid walled 3 bedroomed Mid Terrace

Carbon saving:


Measures installed:

Condensing boiler, Draught-proofing, Floor Insulation, Internal Wall Insulation, Loft Insulation, Low Energy Appliances, Roof Insulation, Solar Water Heating, Triple Glazing, Underfloor Heating, Water Saving Devices

superhome open days

The introduction of the UK government’s Green Deal Home Improvement Fund with a £6000 towards the cost of solid wall insulation and £1000 for a new gas boiler with a flue gas heat recovery system – has created new opportunities amongst householders looking to improve the energy efficiency of their older properties.

For those living in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and the surrounding counties The 80percent Hub is able to offer completely impartial and independent advice and Green Deal Assessments.