Over 8.5 million pounds worth of vouchers now allocated to energy improvement scheme

Only in its second week, the UK government Green Deal Home Improvement Fund has already allocated over £8.5 million worth of vouchers to house owners and landlords for home improvement measures. The rate the vouchers are being allocated could mean the that initial £50 million available could be used up within the next 4-5 weeks!!!

Although, this first £50 million is part of a £540 million three year package announced by the government in December 2013, it is very likely that this initial £7600 overall package offering per home will be rapidly reduced if demand continues to be high. It’s becoming very much like the feed in tariff – the early adopters will benefit the most.


The new £7600 incentive offered to households is split into a number of parts; £1000 is given for installing two measures from an approved list of renovations, £100 is available towards the cost of an the initial assessment and £6000 is on offer for the expensive procedure of installing solid wall insulation. Those who’ve bought their property within 12 months of application to the scheme are also eligible for a further £500.

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