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Making home energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority

Industry bodies have joined forces to urge government to commit to a target of upgrading the energy efficiency of existing homes at a rate of 1 million a year by 2020. In an open letter to Lord Deighton, commercial secretary to the Treasury, the heads of environmental groups, charities, membership organisations and trade associations warn that the UK’s homes are among the “coldest and draughtiest in Europe” resulting in high energy bills and “one of the worst records on fuel poverty and preventable winter deaths”. 

housing stock fit for future

A report “A housing stock fit for the future: Making home energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority” accompanies the open letter. It sets out the economic case for improving home energy efficiency.

Speaking on behalf of the coalition, Paul King, chief executive of the UK Green Building Council, said: “Making home energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority – and offering it significant support alongside transport, energy generation or communications projects – would not only cut households’ rocketing energy bills and help tackle climate change, but would create thousands of new jobs and strengthen the UK’s energy security”.

Benefits of home energy efficiency

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Solid Wall Insulation with video guides and the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

The introduction of the UK government’s Green Deal Home Improvement Fund with a £6000 towards the cost of solid wall insulation has created a growing interest in amongst householders looking to improve the energy efficiency of their older properties. We have certainly found this in rural parts of Cambridgeshire, Suffolk Norfolk and the surrounding counties, as well as in the historic cities and towns of Cambridge, Ely, St Neots, St Ives, Downham Market, Kings Lynn, Wisbech, Norwich and Bury St Edmunds. In addition, there are also many small towns and villages – like Littleport, Sutton and Burwell.

Below is an introductory video to solid wall insulation.

This video was bought to you courtesy of The GreenAge – our London-based partner. For those living in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and the surrounding counties The 80percent Hub is able to offer completely impartial and independent advice and Green Deal Assessments.

Below is a guide to external wall insulation and render finishes from a commercial supply.

The Brick slip solution explained in this video:-

Benefits of home insulation:-

Insulation and Airtightness – Passive House Series:-