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£25 million pounds of vouchers now issued for Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

After only four weeks over £25 million pounds worth of vouchers have now been issued by the UK government’s Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. This is over half of the initial £50 million which is part of a £540 million three year package announced by the government in December 2013.


At the one month milestone, 4405 households in England and Wales are already taking advantage of the new scheme which offers up to £7600 for energy saving measures such as solid wall insulation, new heating systems and double glazing. With the current rates guaranteed for the first £50 million, people should act now enjoy the benefits of a warmer, greener home and lower energy bills.

Climate Change Minister Greg Barker, said:

“With the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund off to such an encouraging start, it’s the perfect time to make your home more energy efficient. Act now, get money for the improvements and enjoy a warmer home and lower energy bills this winter.”

The new £7600 incentive offered to households is split into a number of parts; £1000 is given for installing two measures from an approved list of renovations, £100 is available towards the cost of an the initial assessment and £6000 is on offer for the expensive procedure of installing solid wall insulation. Those who’ve bought their property within 12 months of application to the scheme are also eligible for a further £500.

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