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Gathering and Presenting Social Feedback to Change Domestic Electricity Consumption

A recent paper describes the CHARM Energy Study in which mobile technology is used to study the impact of social groupfeedback on household energy consumption. It describes the background and rationale behind the study, the technology which supports the study, and the study’s methodology. The work described builds upon similar studies by using mobile technology and on-line feedback to increase the frequency of accurate social group feedback to the participants.

Social Feedback on Web Interface

It is planned that all UK homes will have Smart Meters installed by 2020, and the EU Smart Meter market has been predicted to be worth 25 Billion Dollars US in the ten years from 2010 to 2020. Although the emerging UK standard mandates that UK Smart Meters will provide bidirectional communications and support in-house displays, the authors are unaware that there is yet a standard for the type of information that will be displayed to the consumer. If the study shows a real reduction in domestic electricity use resulting from social feedback methods, they hope that they may influence the emerging Smart Meter standard to providefor this means of change.

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The Smart Home: Build by consumer pull

Pilgrim Beart, founder of Alertme gave a presentation at IET in March 2011 argued that consumers need to be in the driving seat and key for a successful transition towards reduction of carbon emissions in the home.

The presentation covers an exploration of how Smart Meter and Smart Grid roll out can help in bringing smart grid benefits into consumer’s homes and act as a catalyst for many more Smart Home services. Creating operational efficiencies for utilities will not be enough, consumers will need to experience the benefit too. Smart capabilities in the Home Area Network (HAN) will need to be built with future developments in mind. Consistent and open standards are vital for the future of the Smart Home.

Pilgrim Beart - Founder, Alertme

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A Single Platform for the Smart Home

AlertMe showcases home energy management, control and automation at SmartLIFE

AlertMe, the pioneering online Smart Home and Home Energy Management Company, demonstrates its web-enabled Home Energy Management and Control services at the Cambridge SmartLIFE centre for a visit by  Energy and Climate Change Secretary of State Chris Huhne in March 2011.

Based on the company’s award-winning Home Area Network (HAN) and cloud-based platform, AlertMe provides consumers with visibility, control and automation of their home energy (electricity and heating) online anytime, anywhere. AlertMe uses real-time two-way communication that allows consumers to manage and control a wide range of home activities over the internet and via their smart phone, saving up to 15-20% on their energy bills, reducing their carbon footprint and providing increased efficiency, convenience, comfort and peace of mind.

AlertMe works independent of, or in tandem with new Smart Meters, enhancing and extending the benefits of the Smart Grid to the consumer.

Features include:

  • Electricity power use and cost (in real-time, historically and with prediction of monthly and annual electricity costs)
  • Time of day use and cost breakdown
  • Heating control and automation
  • Carbon footprint equivalent
  • Appliance & device control (with Smartplugs and in future directly with Smart Appliances)
  • Home monitoring

The AlertMe web enabled Energy Starter Kit costs £49.99 with a £1.99 a month subscription, making home energy monitoring widely accessible.

The AlertMe Home Energy Management Service provides an innovative and affordable solution for the UK’s broadband-enabled homes (over 70%) by integrating everything into a single unified and intuitive service for the consumer. A great example of ‘The Internet of Things’, part of AlertMe exists ‘in the cloud’ and part in the home, creating a Home Area Network (HAN) that connects the user to their home energy and devices from anywhere in the world at any time.

The underlying technology features embedded software running on ZigBee enabled devices (such as an electricity meter reader, home heating thermostat, temperature and motion sensors, in home display) which communicate using encrypted wireless with the home hub gateway, which in turn is connected via the user’s broadband router to a the AlertMe cloud computing platform. Analytics and disaggregation of this data allows AlertMe to provide the consumer with personalised information about their own home, appliances and energy use along with tips to improve their personal efficiency.

AlertMe provides its services directly to consumers and also through partners such as Utilities, Telecommunication Companies, and other technology providers of Smart Grid, Smart Home and Home Electronics technology.

Home Energy Management for consumers is a relatively new area, but it is widely accepted that by giving consumers visibility and control of their home energy use and cost they can achieve savings of between 15% and 25% on their energy bills by identifying waste and more efficient ways to use their home appliances. For example; the Energy Saving Trust estimates that we waste electricity to the tune of over £900 million a year through appliances left on standby.

About AlertMe.com Ltd


AlertMe provides simple and affordable home energy management and connected home services both directly to consumers and indirectly through channel partners such as Utilities, Telecommunications companies and OEMs. Based on a single Home Area Network (HAN) platform, AlertMe allows consumers to monitor, control and automate a wide range of services in the home, such as energy use, heating, Solar PV and security, online and via their smart phone anywhere, anytime.

AlertMe allows partners to provide their customers with new services that enhance the customer relationship, improve customer loyalty and increase revenue.  The company provides consumers with the tools to reduce their energy consumption and bills by 15-20% and to participate in meeting Government targets and objectives for energy conservation and carbon emissions reduction.

AlertMe is private and venture backed by British Gas, Good Energies, Index Ventures, SET Venture Partners and VantagePoint Venture Partners.