2014 launch of Cambridge Open Eco Homes

open eco homes

Cambridge Carbon Footprint have just launched their 2014 Open Eco Homes Project that will include at least 18 new-build and retrofit low-energy homes, both new-build and retro-fit in and around Cambridge being open to the public in September. Householders will show and explain the energy-saving features of their homes – the pros and cons and how to get the best out them to save on energy bills and carbon emissions.

Open Eco Homes aims to inform and inspire visitors to improve the energy efficiency of their own homes or choose very efficient new ones.
The homes demonstrate a wide range of eco-renovation technologies, from underfloor heating to wood burners, all kinds of insulation and condensing boilers, right through to green roofs, gardens and water-butts.

The Open Days will take place on the 14 and 20 September 2014 – but must be booked in advance. In addition there will also be a series of workshops “digging deeper into home renovation” during October and November. Their website will also contain a series of case studies.

open eco homes poster

For more details go to the Open Eco Homes Website.

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